>>Due to the fire at our building, we are currently located at:

33 Railroad Ave, Westerly until all the damage has been repaired.<<

Precision Fitness is not your normal blahh fitness facility or gym. We are the place you go when you actually want to get a workout with a purpose!

We realize you have many choices when it comes to fitness options and we’d like to take the time to thank you for allowing us to present some information concerning our business. Lets get right to the point then shall we.

We are NOT a gym.  We have no "fixed plane of motion" machines, we do not workout against a clock and we do not throw random workouts at you.   

What we ARE is an exclusive by appointment only private membership facility so we can get to know you and your specific needs. We have proven programs that build results over time.  You will only train with one of our highly specialized coaches. We train movement patterns, not isolated muscles. We will teach you what muscles should be firing and what shouldn't be.  When you come here, you get results.  If you are an athlete, we will make you a better athlete.  If you want to lose weight, we will melt off the fat and build lean muscle which will rev up your metabolism.  If you choose our group classes, we will recommend what classes you should take based on your current fitness level.

We teach you how to train correctly with equipment designed for body weight, strength, coordination and balance. Tools such as:

  • Kettlebells
  • TRX's
  • Dumbbells
  • Obstacles for Obstacle Course Training
  • Strongman Equipment
  • Medicine Balls
  • Giant Ropes
  • Olympic Lifting and more!

  • We offer many benefits none of the other fitness businesses in the Westerly, RI and Pawcatuck, CT area offer, such as:

  • Sport Performance Training with real Certified Strength and Conditioning Coaches
  • Certified Spartan SGX Obstacle Course Training
  • Fat Burning Boot Camps
  • Strongman & Strongwoman Training
  • Russian Kettlebell Training
  • Functional Movement Screenings
  • Body Composition Analysis (% Body Fat...)

Come in and find out why just going to a "gym" is like playing JV sports your whole life! Step up to the VARSITY Team! On our staff we have:

  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialists that will turn you into a better athlete
  • Certified Spartan SGX Obstacle Course Coaches to train you for the toughest races on the planet!
  • StrongFirst Kettlebell Certified Instructors to challenge you like no other facility in the area
  • Corrective Movement Specialists that will take away aches and pains by retraining your body to move correctly again
  • A Sports Massage Therapist to dig down deep and work on trigger points and flexibility that you just cant do in a regular massage
  • plus Fat Burning Boot Camps classes and Personal Training

    We’re proud of what we do here and feel that if we’re given a chance you’ll want to do join th Precision Fitness Family.

    © Precision Fitness, LLC 401-440-9051



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