1930’s Bungalow

Whether you want to remodel a brick fireplace or add character to a “hole in the wall”, a fireplace makeover using Venetian plaster techniques can give your home some serious style. Fireplaces with stone fronts can also contain added embellishments such as carvings or ornate mantles. Mexican style chimney pots called chimeneas are a beautiful addition. This is the type you are commonly used to finding in American Southwestern designed fireplaces.fireplace remodel

Metal fireplaces are not exactly common or popular in today’s property market, but they do appeal to a certain home or style. Sparing you the journey of weeks of work, this is the old crawl space area with the brick chimney now. There are also many British fireplaces struggling to draw through the addition of a chimney pot.

One of the biggest problems encountered with remodeling your fireplace is that the wall space provided is not large enough for the mantel shelf. This helps assure that another tradesman has not covered combustible areas of the fireplace with surround materials (such as covering vents on the fireplace with tile) and that the hearth and mantel are installed with proper clearances.fireplace remodel

A good application for this would be a fireplace that forgoes the mantle and instead incorporates a pure wall of tiles. Hummm… When you install the decking around the chimney please leave a space between the wood and bricks. The hearth is the extension into the room that provides protection to your flooring while the surround provides protection for the walls surrounding your fireplace.fireplace remodel

A stone or brick fireplace remodel project may involve something like resurfacing the entire fireplace. Additionally, to sharpen the look of your fireplace, you may consider placing a piece of artwork or a painting above the fireplace that compliments the colors and designs of that fireplace.

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