A Fireplace Remodel

By using Fireplace Pebble Tiles remodeling you get an excellent opportunity to bring nature into your home design. This part of the project may be done by talented homeowners, or may be left in the hands of tradesmen specializing in the materials you’ve chosen such as tile installers, carpenters, general contractors or talented handy-man companies. The plan was to install a mantle across the top, preferrably one that is slightly less boxy than this one…and to put in a tile hearth that would be flush with the new laminate flooring.fireplace remodel

We eventually added a base board around the bottom edge of the fireplace to cover the brick in this area. Your fireplace mantel can serve as another place to display gifts – think of is as an extension of the space under your Christmas tree. We got a few paint samples to test out, and ended up choosing a light buttery yellow color called Tea Light  to paint the walls.fireplace remodel

Buying a toilet with a low tank takes up less visual space and compact toilets leave more room, but as with any small bathroom remodeling project, use these suggestions to find a toilet that is both stylish and fits in the room. Once you have done your research and have chosen the style for you, it’s time to measure for your mantel.fireplace remodel

Mantels can usually be ordered in your choice of wood (suitable for painting, like Poplar or Birch,) or if you prefer to see the natural beauty of wood grain, you can get many mantels in furniture grade Maple, Cherry, Mahogany, Walnut, or Oak woods. These will cost far less than a custom-designed fireplace and mantel built on-site.

Underscore your preference in finishes by choosing a matching fireplace screen, or the perfectly brilliant pair of glass fireplace doors, which work well for masonry, prefabricated and firebox insert fireplaces. We pulled out all the metal drywall corner joints and then removed the drywall which revealed the wood frame for the mantle.

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