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I haven’t written in some time… as I have chosen to take a sort of sabbatical” through to the end of 2017 while I traverse this monumental transition taking place. The whole fiasco lasted 12 hours tops and I only progressed to 1 cm out of 10. I was only in triage at the hospital 4 hours then went home. This time, I just waited through the contractions. We ended up being in the hospital for 5 days before finally bringing her home.I was in the hospital for 3 days recovering from the surgery.

I was administered a shot of Demerol (guess where they shoot you for this painful injection?) and told that they hoped that the drug would calm me enough where my body could begin to dilate (yes, the pain was that bad). I was so happy to have my baby out of my body and we would be able to take him home sometime soon.contractions

I wanted to sleep, but once I was nodding off… I would get another contraction and it would keep continue on. Shannondoah told the nurse that I couldn’t sleep and I was in pain. I also know, from both my previous labors, that I seem to progress before my water breaks, and then it breaks (both times on its own) and my labor significantly slows.contractions

1. Preterm labor is a bitch (the language is necessary): From 31 weeks to birth I couldn’t read my body- all the signs of labor or complication were constantly hanging over me… and none of the usual rules applied. The doctors wanted me to stay, but they weren’t going to stop my labor if it progressed so we really pushed to wait it out at home (some docs may differ in opinion here, but my OB is really afraid of infection since baby is small but I am so open).

They started me on pitocin right away to go ahead and have me dilating because when I had my vaginal exam, I was only dilated 2 cm. My delivering doctor wanted me to start labor on my own since I was already contracting. I have been having HORRIBLE contractions, especially in the afternoon and night, that feel like true labor but aren’t consistent.contractions

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