Corner Fireplace

Today, it seems like you are seeing more stucco fireplaces being designed and constructed than in years past. This chimney will only be used for the direct vent fireplace, so it will have it’s own piping running through this space. One exception is that dampers are not used in outdoor fireplaces. Cooking without the chimney will mess up your kitchen walls and decorations very soon causing you to remodel very often.fireplace remodel

Other than brick, you could take a look at a stone fireplace design or even a limestone fireplace as well. We are remodeling the room by removing wood paneling, removing an exterior door and drywalling it in, replacing flooring, and having a bathroom built where there is now a closet.fireplace remodel

A tall chimney, the major component of any fixed type outdoor fireplace, provides shelter from the smoke. If you want a wood burning fireplace then brick may very well be your best design option. The stacked stone is by Eldorado Stone in the Chapel Hill finish, the fireplace is a Montigo L42 with a stainless steel frame, the customized mantel was built by JReal and a 55″ frame less ultra-thin Samsung TV was hung above the mantel.fireplace remodel

Preparing the fireplace meant removing the ugly mantle and removing the brick hearth. This is the space extending from the top of the throat, or damper, up to the bottom of the flue, and between the side walls. Opening front, decorative wood burning fireplaces are banned as new appliance choices in some areas that are prone to air quality problems.

You can paint or stain a wood mantel to match the décor of your room. If one of your remodeling ideas is to add a new mantel or customize an existing mantel, you may be able to perform this remodel on your own. Whether the preferred style of the room where the fireplace resides is modern or classic Italian, French, or Greek, a stone front fireplace can complement it.

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