Coupled Contractions

I haven’t written in some time… as I have chosen to take a sort of sabbatical” through to the end of 2017 while I traverse this monumental transition taking place. Everytime I start contracting (doesn’t matter if I am laying, sitting, walking) I don’t panic… I went 4 days with off and on real contractions that barely did anything. The nurse showed Ivan how to swaddle the baby. So I feel confident that even if contractions get close together or my water breaks that my progress is slow.contractions

As these contractions intensify when the delivery time nears, Braxton Hicks contractions are mostly called false labor.” However, it may help in dilation and effacement of the cervix. And finally, if you are in the midst of this situation, rest assured the baby will come, even if it feels like each day is a weeks worth of waiting.

In the expulsion stage of labor, contractions will happen at an interval of 2-3 min lasting for about 60 s. It is in this stage that the contractions attain their maximum intensity. 5th, the contractions had become less than five minutes apart, and I told my husband that we needed to head to the hospital.contractions

Last Tuesday (32 weeks, 5 days) I found out I was in what the medical field calls Preterm labor. We weren’t out of the woods, but, for the first time in days, things were looking a little better. It was a good 3 weeks before I started to feel comfortable sleeping and moving around.

I don’t remember the time, but I think it was around 8:30 pm when the nurse told me that she talked to Dr. Wilkes and he said that he thought my pelvis was too small or the baby’s head was too big. And, I am trying VERY hard to enjoy the kicks and movements as I know these are probably my last few days of pregnancy ever.contractions

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