Fire Pits

In a forum I frequent often, I came across several great questions about fireplaces. Since the room is fairly large (23′ x 20′), putting all the furniture against the walls created a frat house” look, as the client said. If you have to remove or grind down old bricks to leave a smooth surface on which to lay new tile, you can end up with dust all over your house if you don’t use caution.fireplace remodel

The other side was surrounded by that yucky 4″ white tile that was pretty much standard with all houses built at the time. The new glass door, glass 3×6 tile on the walls, 12×12 porcelain tiles on the floor and chrome fixtures mix together to create a soothing feel.fireplace remodel

Traditional fireplaces are those that literally burn wood fuel, and other similar types of fuels. If your fireplace opening is 42″, then double that size to 84″, and that also is the minimum wall space needed for your mantle shelf. Cobblestone facing: If you are using a flat brick fireplace, you can make it more elegant in appearance via adding bold cobblestone facing.fireplace remodel

If you finish it and then mar the mantel when putting it up, you will have to repair it. Certainly many people paint or stain their fireplace mantel prior to installing it. It is really a personal preference. There will be the normal brick or field stone fireplace utilized in the more classic colonial homes.

You can use your Christmas decorated fireplace mantel project as an opportunity to learn more about celebrating the holidays in a different country, whether your family has visited there or not. The cabinets have a space between the walls to allow for a chase for electrical on this side and gas pipes on the opposite side.