Fireplace Design Ideas

When I was a young child, some 50 odd years ago, there was pretty much one type of fireplace, perhaps two depending upon where you lived. Refacing the fireplace – If you want to take the project to a whole new level, you can drastically change the look of a fireplace by using different materials on the exterior face of the fireplace. You’ll want to fill in the grooves between the bricks or stones with the drywall mud first and let that dry, otherwise you’re inviting cracks, plus thicker coats take much longer to dry.

Brick fireplaces aren’t just the easy red brick layout of years past anymore. Many mantel sources offer multiple wood fireplace mantel designs, usually broken down into collections based on general pricing guidelines, priced from $400 to $2000 or more. After your fireplace installation is complete, a final inspection by the building inspector is required for gas or wood burning fireplaces.fireplace remodel

If you finish it and then mar the mantel when putting it up, you will have to repair it. Certainly many people paint or stain their fireplace mantel prior to installing it. It is really a personal preference. There will be the normal brick or field stone fireplace utilized in the more classic colonial homes.

Gas fireplaces offer a convenient, realistic flame at the touch of a button. If you have more than one fireplace mantel in your home, you can choose to focus on different time periods for each one. Many people purchase an unfinished fireplace mantel so they can paint or stain it to match the décor of their home rather than having the factory paint or stain it one of their standard colors.fireplace remodel

Reinforced concrete chimneys, on the other hand, have steel bars within the concrete walls to support it, the ventless fireplace that use fuel or natural gas instead of firewood and the prefab or the factory built fireplaces which are built before hand, purchased and installed into your own home.fireplace remodel

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