Fireplace Freestyle Fiddling #4 It’s Mantle Time

Our previous house was a historic 1929 bungalow. You see I used the original cabinet doors for the design theme for all the exterior windows in the house – all 24 of them. Other materials to consider in giving your fireplace a more modern look is mosaic tile or even painted concrete. Also, the designs of outdoor fireplaces have certain distinct characteristics, such as an open and outdoorsy feel.fireplace remodel

Your mantel and trim choice may have the greatest impact on the aesthetic design of your fireplace. A wood burning fireplace will also have the greatest requirements for a fireproof hearth that protrudes into the room and for side and top clearances. You can also add a corner fireplace mantel to make a conversation piece as well.

We drafted a design with a keystone tile – bridge, a male figure and a female figure complementing each other in pose and composition. This may be easily flushed with the floor, sunk down a little lower than the floor or even raised above the Fireplace design.fireplace remodel

There are a number of various materials to select from with regards to your face of your fireplace and the hearth. Sometimes a compromise will be required to meet venting and clearance requirements of the fireplace style you choose. Wall fireplace is an economical option for you that you can purchase in different designs, styles and models.fireplace remodel

Traditional fireplaces are those that literally burn wood fuel, and other similar types of fuels. If your fireplace opening is 42″, then double that size to 84″, and that also is the minimum wall space needed for your mantle shelf. Cobblestone facing: If you are using a flat brick fireplace, you can make it more elegant in appearance via adding bold cobblestone facing.

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