Fireplace Surround Design

When contemplating different design ideas, start with the hearth. Starting with a blank basement, we installed interior walls, drywall, ceiling, trim, doors, built custom entertainment center with doors and shelves, built custom storage bench, installed hardwood floors, and a full bathroom. After using some Rector Seal to ensure no gas leaks, the hole I had made in my wall was ready to welcome back the fireplace.fireplace remodel

Use fire-resistant materials on walls around wood stoves. The original fireplace was brick, overlayed with stone and plaster. We went with a stone finish to keep with the srustic setting of the house and pay homage to the original fireplace in a more updated way.fireplace remodel

You don’t even have to decorate the mantle, but having a well designed mantle can really bring out your fireplace’s elegance. If you wish to upgrade your entire fireplace, you can opt for a technically advanced gas burning fireplaces. Hearth: A hearth is also very advantageous when it comes to make an attention grabbing Fireplace design.fireplace remodel

Underscore your preference in finishes by choosing a matching fireplace screen, or the perfectly brilliant pair of glass fireplace doors, which work well for masonry, prefabricated and firebox insert fireplaces. We pulled out all the metal drywall corner joints and then removed the drywall which revealed the wood frame for the mantle.

Carol Agee is the vice president of Agee Woodworks which has been handcrafting wood fireplace mantels of impeccable style and quality for almost 10 years. Pick a toilet that can sit close to the wall to conserve space, and the size of the seat and tank design determine just how much space the toilet will use.

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