Heat Things Up With Fireplace Remodel Ideas

Winter is upon us, so I thought I would put together a collection of stunning fireplaces, some modern, some rustic – all of them fabulous and each of them give that added wow factor to the room. In addition, directional down lighting was put in above the fireplace to showcase the stone. Sometimes, good ideas can be as simple as adding attractive accessories to your fireplace. Gas fireplaces come in a variety of styles, sizes and designs and offer multiple venting options.fireplace remodel

While many, like myself, first think of the warmth from a hot burning wood fire when we envision a fireplace, others are not fond of the lingering odor of smoke in the house even after the last dying embers wane. We started by painting primer on the walls and ceiling of the sunroom.fireplace remodel

To get started, I removed the old mantel, tore out all the tile and disconnected the fireplace from the gas line (after turning off the main gas line of course). This type of fireplace does not need a chimney because it vents through the wall at the back of the fireplace.

We drafted a design with a keystone tile – bridge, a male figure and a female figure complementing each other in pose and composition. This may be easily flushed with the floor, sunk down a little lower than the floor or even raised above the Fireplace design.fireplace remodel

Luckily there are small changes (like switching out light bulbs) and big changes (like installing a new fireplace mantel ) that can give your living room a new look and won’t turn into a major DIY project, or turn your home into a construction site. Not all fireplace design ideas need to include a home built in the wall fireplace.

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