How To Remodel A Small Bathroom

Today, it seems like you are seeing more stucco fireplaces being designed and constructed than in years past. One of the biggest problems encountered with remodeling your fireplace is that the wall space provided is not large enough for the mantel shelf. This helps assure that another tradesman has not covered combustible areas of the fireplace with surround materials (such as covering vents on the fireplace with tile) and that the hearth and mantel are installed with proper clearances.fireplace remodel

The firebox itself is pretty straightforward, and like the hearth, generally is designed in relation to the floor. Now, there are natural gas fireplaces that can be inserted in to the mouth of a traditional fireplace. Another option that can sometimes work with the right house and the right fireplace is plastering.

Talk with a fireplace contractor or a home designer or just spend some time shopping home improvement stores to learn about the different types of lumber, the types and styles of moldings and pilasters (columns) that are available, and the other materials you may want to use, such as stone, brick, drywall, etc.

If you have a real wood burning fireplace or wood stove, a hearth rug will protect your floor from falling embers. A limestone hearth and mantle will maintain a rustic feel, while a wood mantle will dress it up for a more formal setting. Fireplaces can be broken out in to two main types: those that function inside of a structure and those that are used out-of-doors.fireplace remodel

Renovating fireplace plans include: creating a new mantel to go over the top of your fireplace, changing a log burning fireplace into a more efficient gas powered fireplace, adding accessories to match the décor in your home and completely redesigning the entire area with fireplace remodel ideas that change the entire look by updating materials and shape.fireplace remodel

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