A childbirth prep class is a pre-requisite for every first time expectant couple. He is being extremely sweet and helpful to me, getting me everything I need for the myself and the baby, offering to clean and cook for me in the first week of my being home after labor, and taking me out so that I’m not cooped up in the house all day.contractions

I was in total disbelief and said excuse me, but what in the world are you talking about?” She explained to me that I was positive for Group B Strep, (the test they give you when you’re 36 weeks) and that the baby has been swimming in infected amniotic fluid for the entire time since my water broke.contractions

The smallest of contractions can do major damage, and the most painful can do nothing… and the only ways to know what’s going on is 1. Be checked constantly (which isn’t recommended because it can cause more labor) OR 2. Start recognizing a pattern of consistency over a few hours that will signal that you are in fact progressing toward delivery.

Woke hubby, called doctor, timed the contractions, called mom. The contractions are real, but it’s Baby A that’s amplifying them. Soon after that, about 15 minutes, I was confirmed of my water breaking because liquid started pouring out, lol. I kept focusing on getting through the pain of the contractions.contractions

I was still feeling contractions. While some women may feel the pain of contractions, it is largely uncomfortable rather than painful. I went to the hospital, partially because it’s the smart thing to do once your water breaks and partially because it could have been incontinence… although I have never had that problem in either pregnancy.

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