Living Room Decorating

Having an outdated fireplace can make a room lose the class and sophistication the fireplace should be adding. Dampers can be fitted at the top, or bottom of the flue, and there are pros and cons for both styles, but often the geometry of the fireplace and chimney, and the relative difficulty of access to the top of the chimney stack will be the deciding factor.

Or perhaps the woodburning fireplace you prefer between the windows can’t fit, but a gas burning model will. Its extension into the room is also called the hearth, and should be a fireproof area not less than the width of the fireplace opening plus 16 inches, projecting at least 16 inches from the chimney breast.

Dedicate your fireplace mantel Christmas decorations to a collection of handmade crafts, sentimental gifts or special items from holidays your family has shared in the past. By adding your 12″ facing material reveal above your fireplace you now have a mantel opening height of 42″.fireplace remodel

To fish the project, outdoor entertainment areas including fire pit, seating, and outdoor fireplace create the perfect setting for summer fun. After brightening the masonry, step back and see how your mantel fits into your fireplace decorating project. We didn’t like that the wood paneling, dark tiles, and unfinished brick made the sunroom look dark and dated.fireplace remodel

There are even veneer stone and brick materials that are fairly easy to apply that can give your fireplace a very traditional look. Be sure to check your line drawing before you order and if you see that the hearth or maybe the wall space is not right for the mantel you have chosen, then check back with the manufacturer to see if they can help resolve these problems.fireplace remodel

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