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It’s great to have a fireplace to curl up beside on a cold winter night, and they make beautiful focal points for the rooms they’re in. However, if your fireplace becomes out-dated and begins to look tacky, it can throw your entire room design into chaos. In addition, you can see on the bottom right of the last beforeā€ picture that the walls were painted a bright mint green. Stucco fireplaces are especially elegant in American southwestern styled homes. Specialized units: If you are using a wood burning fireplace, you can easily make some additions via including certain units available on the market.

Some of these types are the masonry type: these fireplaces and chimneys are made of bricks and usually rough stones. The shutters on the side of the house were custom-stained to work with the shingle color and front door color, then we added a bit of burgundy and red as an accent to the side metal roof, cushions on the porch and flowers.fireplace remodel

We worked for about two straight weeks painting coat after coat of the primer on the walls and ceiling. Even if you are utilizing gas for your fireplace, there are some areas that can be painted if you wish to do so. One interesting design is to have an inset fire built into the chimney breast so it fits flush to the wall and occupies no floor space.fireplace remodel

Not only are fireplace doors sophisticated and modern-looking, but they are also very versatile. It is easier to find similar wood paneling sheets that match the walls. Moreover, these fireplaces are usually made of brick and other refractory materials. Any wood that projects more than 1.5 inches from the face of the fireplace, such as a mantel or pilasters, must be at least 12 inches from the opening of the firebox.

Deep shelves, for example, can present challenges with wood burning fireplaces as the overhang can cause fire hazards due to the excessive rising heat. Those who have several fireplaces may well choose to have a stove fitted in one fireplace as their main supplementary heat source, and fit dampers to their other fireplaces, especially if the alternative is to permanently cap the chimney.fireplace remodel

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