Modern Fireplace Renovation

The fireplace on the main level of our house should be a beautiful focal point of the living area, but it was…. In building or remodeling a fireplace it is extremely important that materials be installed properly. Since there are already fireplaces that provide heat artificially, choosing is not a very difficult thing to do. While the conventional heat source is wood; gas and electricity provide heat sources to modern fireplaces nowadays.fireplace remodel

Whilst they don’t provide the same warmth as other fireplace options such as stone, they look great in a rustic environment and add an element of design. Today, fireplaces are becoming more popular, most especially with the modern ideas and designs that circulate around.

Decorate them with wall hangings, paint them with warli design or use vinyl wall graphics. It is not a bad idea to take this drawing and with a measuring tape place some marks on the wall where the new mantel will go. A little trick I use is painters tape instead of pencil marks because the tape is easily removed.

Gas fireplaces offer a convenient, realistic flame at the touch of a button. If you have more than one fireplace mantel in your home, you can choose to focus on different time periods for each one. Many people purchase an unfinished fireplace mantel so they can paint or stain it to match the décor of their home rather than having the factory paint or stain it one of their standard colors.fireplace remodel

There must be a least 6 inches between the sides and top of the firebox opening and any wood that projects up to 1.5 inches from the face of the fireplace. If you just want to upgrade the appearance of your current fireplace, you may stencil the brick after painting it to add a neat and cute design to that brick work.fireplace remodel

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