Muscle Cramps

I haven’t written in some time… as I have chosen to take a sort of sabbatical” through to the end of 2017 while I traverse this monumental transition taking place. UPDATE post-delivery: From the time my labor stopped progressing at 33 weeks (5cm, 50% effaced) to my appointment at 35 weeks 5 days nothing had changed. The next day, at 35 weeks and 6 days, I start to realize my water has broken and is trickling out. This is my first time having a baby, and BOTH of my GYN’s told me not to come in until I started having contractions.contractions

Anytime I even get close to feeling anxious or losing self control over my thoughts, the Holy Spirit is very present in reminding me of what I know to be true… and I wrote a lot about that a few weeks ago There has been A LOT of change in the past 3 weeks in my immediate family and through all of it, even though my flesh says to get anxious, upset, bitter, frustrated,etc, my God tells me instead that He is in control of all of it and He is taking care of me. Its pretty remarkable how quickly my flesh gets squashed- of which I am SO thankful.contractions

I am admitted to the hospital Tuesday night, spend the night in Labor and Delivery, progress just a tad more to 5cm, 60% effaced, and then it seems things are halted. I started having contractions through the night but the minute my husband arrived in the morning, everything stopped.

The third is although it would be mighty inconvenient and hard, I know at 33 weeks my baby is healthy enough to make her debut and be OK. She would be tiny, she would be hospitalized, nursing would be an up hill battle, and juggling family with 2 kids outside of the hospital would be rough.

Ivan and I were already tired from the birth and labor that we didn’t want to hear an argument about this. Drinking a cup of water or warm milk or herbal tea, taking a shower for 30 min or less, or changing positions can help alleviate contractions. It was weird and a bit annoying with the pads on my stomach and the IV drip on me. The contractions started happening one right after each other.contractions

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