Pankaj Chobharkar

The trend of building outdoor fire pits and fireplaces is catching on at a fast pace. Custom made glass doors are being prepared for all types of fireplaces, especially the masonry and factory built types. A fireplace that is made from brick can be painted whether it is in its raw brick form, or even if someone has already painted it another color.

Outdoor fireplaces may be designed with a bowl-shaped base with a single opening connected to a stack or chimney. Silver chimney: A silver chimney in conjunction with a gas insert and a finely framed art deco will provide a dramatic effect to your existing Fireplace design.fireplace remodel

I used small 2″ tile on the shower floor and finished up the cement board on the rest of the walls. Many home owners choose to allot more of their budget for the fireplace installation into the mantel than any other part of the project, so consider how the mantel will affect your overall look and costs.fireplace remodel

To get started, I removed the old mantel, tore out all the tile and disconnected the fireplace from the gas line (after turning off the main gas line of course). This type of fireplace does not need a chimney because it vents through the wall at the back of the fireplace.fireplace remodel

Nearing the home stretch… I made a new solid wood mantel the same way I made the mantel for the basement fireplace. A fireplace insert can be installed into a wall or an extension of the wall can built out for a faux mason chimney and a hearth. Outdoor fireplaces are quite different than those designed for the interior.

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