Owning a home can be costly – especially if the home is older and requires a large amount of repair work. We have a lot of little projects to finish here at the little house on the quirky little island known as Wilton Manors, Florida. If this is you the simplest way to create flow through the house is to use the same paint and carpet colors from one room to the next.

Before writing to say that retro is in (I mentioned the mid-century modern home next door that I love) if the only part of your house that is still colored from the 50’s or 60’s then your bathroom isn’t retro it is out of date. It may be all the house needs is a fresh coat of paint, repair some walls or anything broken, a good cleaning and you are ready to put the house on the market.home repair

In the case of the 103rd property, the wall damage was predominately due to a result of neglect and the door damage was predominately the result of the bad-mannered pet. Because our blog, titled: Repairing or Installing Drywall covers the details of wall repair, this section is intended to let you to know that you may need to consider wall repair as a potential project when assessing a property renovation.home repair

Home repairs of the typical types that can be done yourself are: interior as well as exterior painting, screen replacement for doors and windows, walkway and gutter repair, minor electrical replacement and repair, installations of railings, grab bars, etc.home repair

Keep in mind that paint will look differently depending on the light, light source and time of day so if you are unsure as to the color or colors and how they will work together there is nothing better than getting some paint samples and putting them on the wall to get a feel for how the room will look when painted and if there will be flow between rooms.

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