Remodeling A Sunroom, Part 2

What better way to turn your basement from a dingy dungeon into a cuddly escape than by adding a fireplace to the space? But if you have the time to enjoy the rituals of cutting, splitting and stacking wood and the idea of free heat from fallen trees on your property, an investment in a wood burning fireplace may suit your needs perfectly. The designs available in the market can be very different, some fireplaces have mantle surface like the traditional ones.fireplace remodel

Refacing the fireplace – If you want to take the project to a whole new level, you can drastically change the look of a fireplace by using different materials on the exterior face of the fireplace. You’ll want to fill in the grooves between the bricks or stones with the drywall mud first and let that dry, otherwise you’re inviting cracks, plus thicker coats take much longer to dry.fireplace remodel

We had to quickly decide on tile, shower style, flooring, vanity, vanity top, lighting, fixtures, etc. Gas fireplaces and electric fireplaces may require little to no hearth or surround, although incorporating these elements into your design may offer a more authentic look and appeal for your room.

You see I used the original cabinet doors for the design theme for all the exterior windows in the house – all 24 of them. Other materials to consider in giving your fireplace a more modern look is mosaic tile or even painted concrete. Also, the designs of outdoor fireplaces have certain distinct characteristics, such as an open and outdoorsy feel.fireplace remodel

If you’re trying to replicate the look of a particular era then research the style of fireplaces, surround and hearth materials plus mantel styles that were popular at that time. A popular addition over fireplaces for the last few years have been flat screen televisions.

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