Renovation, Transformation And Metamorphosis

At some point in every business, there comes the dreaded question of do we move or renovate? TIFFIN – Heidelberg University’s planned restoration and renovation of historic France Residence Hall received a major boost today when the Ohio Development Services Agency awarded the university nearly $1.5 million in Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credits for the $7.5 million project (exclusive of planned costs).

The Kyoto National Museum (京都国立博物館) complex comprises the original French Baroque-style building, as well as the Western Gate, the south and the west walls (all constructed in 1897 using brick imported from Britain) and the later 1966 Collections Hall; the latter is presently undergoing renovation and will be closed until 2014.

In the process of this mini (that snowballed into medium) makeover, I found one of my new favourite paint colours – Benjamin Moore’s Fossil When I went to the store to pick out a colour, I knew I wanted and needed something pretty neutral and pretty light.renovation

Establish a budget: Make sure your budget is realistic in terms of the types of finishes you want or can afford (i.e. stone or laminate countertops, wood or laminate flooring, handpainted or subway tile backsplash, etc.) and whether new appliances are included in your budget.renovation

Luckily that surprise just meant that finding a receptacle was a bit (okay a lot) more time consuming than it normally would be. Another surprise that we uncovered on Day One was that the shower (the old one) was installed with basically no ceiling above it. That meant we would need to build out a new ceiling for the bathroom.renovation

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