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There are several contrasting things that make up a home. My approach is either make it blend into the surroundings (my preferred method is drywall) or make it beautiful with new tile, stone or granite another solution is a new large mantle. Whether painting or staining I have put together a list of tips below to help homeowners finish their new fireplace mantels.fireplace remodel

Many homeowners design their stone fireplace to fit into the natural surroundings of the area they live in. Installing a new fireplace mantel – either buying one for the first time or replacing an existing one – does not take as much work as you think. I wanted to use an original style hinge but didn’t have enough room because the fireplace will now have a surround that takes up the space needed for this type of hinge.

Nevertheless, if your heart is set on the look of a stone fireplace, there’s also the option of having a faux stone fireplace which is a little more versatile when it comes to modern styled homes. Not only will it add beauty, but it will give the room its own personality if you customize your fireplace design.

In building or remodeling a fireplace it is extremely important that materials be installed properly. Since there are already fireplaces that provide heat artificially, choosing is not a very difficult thing to do. While the conventional heat source is wood; gas and electricity provide heat sources to modern fireplaces nowadays.fireplace remodel

For this project, I wanted to surround the fireplace with stone (or manufactured stone), raise the fireplace to accommodate a hearth (instead of just tile on the floor) and add a new rustic wood mantle I had worked with manufactured stone before, but that was only a month ago when I added a fireplace to my basement.fireplace remodel

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