Writing Regency

I haven’t written in some time… as I have chosen to take a sort of sabbatical” through to the end of 2017 while I traverse this monumental transition taking place. Last Tuesday (32 weeks, 5 days) I found out I was in what the medical field calls Preterm labor. We weren’t out of the woods, but, for the first time in days, things were looking a little better. It was a good 3 weeks before I started to feel comfortable sleeping and moving around.

I was scheduled to be induced Monday morning, and as much as I was opting not to be induced, I was going to let them because one, it would be safer for the baby not to exceed 42 weeks in utero, and two I would be more than ready at that point for Natalia to be here.contractions

As the fetus is forcibly expelled in the labor (parturition), while approaching parturition, there will be an increase in the frequency and force of the contractions. As much as I wanted a natural birth this time, the memory of last time didn’t leave me. All I could think about was the mistake that the midwife made and the harm that it could have caused my baby.contractions

When we got to the hospital I was already contracting 10 minutes apart for an hour, which is when my nurse told me to head to the hospital. I have to admit, I was hesitant to go to the hospital even with my contractions so hard, fast, and painful. I can feel the baby so low in my stomach, people actually can tell the difference because I carried high my entire pregnancy; she has definitely dropped into position, which was confirmed in the appointment prior to the last.contractions

Miss Lonnie letting us know that she had been doing Kegels the whole time she’d been talking to us. And, during the tour of the Labor and Delivery Unit, telling us about a husband who decided to see if the windows really weren’t see-through and consequently being taken into security while his wife was moments away from giving birth.

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